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New Age Exploration recognises its sustainable development responsibility to the communities in which it operates, the protection of the environment, the health and safety of all employees and the need to uphold the highest standard of ethics when carrying out its business


New Age Exploration recognises the values and qualities of the environments where it conducts its activities. We will strive to achieve environmental best practice in all of our operations which may at times, succeed those of the countries in which we operate in.

Environmental management is integrated into all aspects of New Age Exploration’s activities and is conducted in accordance with Government laws and applications. We communicate openly and collaborate with authorities, environmental stakeholders, suppliers and customers, concerning ways in which we can improve our processes to safeguard the environment

Social Engagement

New Age Exploration is committed to making a positive contribution to and being valued by the communities located within our areas of operations.

Commencing at an early stage of our projects, New Age Exploration will communicate openly and honestly with local communities and governments which we recognize as key stakeholders in our projects.

The Company recognises the importance of employment in local communities and where possible, New Age looks to employ local workforces.

Health and Safety

New Age Exploration values the health and safety of all of our employees, contractors and the wider communities in which we operate.

As a standard practice, New Age Exploration:

  • does not compromise on safety
  • complies with legislative requirements
  • provides appropriate training to employees and contractors to ensure occupational, health and safety responsibilities are understood
  • identifies, assesses and manages environmental health and safety hazards, risks and impacts of our operations
  • promotes continuous improvement practices within all aspects of our business
  • minimises workplace exposure to hazards